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Organization, Not Control:

As Certified Wedding Planners, we encourage our couples to be involved in the entire process. In fact, their involvement in the planning process is what makes their wedding unique and custom to fit their personalities and preferences. The role of the wedding planner is to do all the legwork so that the couple does not have to spend hours and hours researching and emailing vendors to determine which ones will suit their vision and budget. As Certified Wedding Planners we figure out adequate timelines for all the events occurring on your wedding day. The couple always has the final say and all control over final decisions.



Insider Knowledge:

As a Certified Wedding Planner under the Wedding Planning Institute of Canada (WPIC), we have the knowledge and access to a multitude of vendors. We are aware of their specialties, their limitations, and most importantly, their price points. This enables us to recommend those that fit the requirements of the specific couple; and helps keep your budget in line. Additionally, wedding planners have the expertise to review all contracts from vendors to make sure there are no hidden stipulations.


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Execution of Details:

As a couple, you have spent an average of 250 hours planning your wedding day. Whether that was on your own or with the aid of a Certified Wedding Planner, a lot of time and money has been invested. Having a wedding coordinator on the day of the wedding will make sure all your detailed plans are executed accordingly. As Wedding Planners we design and execute your full day schedule, keep track of all vendors and deliveries, and coordinate with the onsite staff of the venue.


Peace of Mind:

Overall, your wedding day should be a day full of joy and worry-free. With a Certified Wedding Planner, the bride and groom will be at ease knowing that all matters will be taken care of. Any and all delays, changes or final details will be handled by the wedding planner. On the day of the wedding, the bride and groom should not have to worry about the little things that can go on; their duty for the day is to enjoy and have fun.


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